FREE WEB HOSTING for 1 month, unlimited space, Unlimited Emails

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    Do you know that you can host a website for free using Webvator Servers. Free doesn't mean sub-standard, free means a chance to try us out.

    We give you unlimited Space, Unlimited Emails Accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth. Do anything you want with the free account and when you are ready to buy hosting, we will offer you the best offer starting at $2.3 Dollars per Month.

    $2.5 Dollars @ Month, can get you hosting with 50Gb of webspace, Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited Email Accounts?

    Why pay over $50 dollars per year for hosting you business or organisation website when you can get the same service with bigger space and emails at only $27 dollars per year.

    But your already hosting with someone, can your website be transferred?.

    Yes and its free, all you can do is write to us an email and copy tour current webhosting company and tell them to use the following nameservers on your domain.

    Name Server 1:
    Name Server 2:

    How about my emails, will they be transfered?

    Yap, they will all be transfered, u wont miss anything. But you will have to send us your current Cpanel so that we transfer your emails in the Inbox and Sent.

    Can i trust webvator with my website, do you have guys have experience ?

    Yes you can trust us, we have been in business since 2012 and we are powering over 200 websites. We have also a refund policy if you find our hosting service not as promised. feel free to check out portfolio for some projects we designed and hosting. Every Website is given an account Manager to ensure you will never miss your 'mama'.