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    At very conservative estimates there are at least 1 trillion domains on the internet today. In such a vast environment, if you are not found on a search engine such as Google, you are not going to be able to realize achieve your business goals. Search engine marketing or SEM is the medium that you need to use for promoting your company website through crucial search engines.

    At Webvator, our search engine marketing services are result oriented, measureable and within budget. We have a qualified team of SEM professionals who are experienced in using major advertising platforms such as Google Adwords to attract targeted traffic to your website. We take care of everything including setting up an account and management.

    With several years in internet marketing in Uganda, we recognize that Google Adwords and Facebook Adverts are the most powerful and cost effective platform today to market your products or services. When you invest in Pay per Click or a Google Adwords campaign, you have to pay only a small amount per click but the returns on that can be tremendous.

    However, running a PPC campaign alone is not sufficient for promoting your business. More optimization needs to be done in order to convert your traffic into effective leads. webvator has a skilled teamof experts who will utilize proven digital marketing strategies to make your website more SEO friendly and help will help improve the quality score of your landing page. We bring quality traffic to your website at low cost by utilizing keyword optimisation, quality content and user friendly navigations. Our entire scope of PPC campaign management services also includes keyword research, landing pages, ad copy management and free Google Analytics report. We have deployed numerous search engine advertising campaigns with terrific results.

    Some of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose us include:
    - Free SEO consulting
    - Dedicated account management by qualified and experienced staff
    - Quality leads
    - Traffic analysis using Google Analytics
    - More targeted traffic
    - Landing page optimization
    - Competitor analysis and suggestions
    - Maximum ROI
    - Low cost per click
    - Cover all major advertising platforms

    Call Webvator today and see what we can do for your search engine optimization campaign. Think of us as your in-house internet marketing team  without the accompanying high costs